COSMIX 2010 – Storydome CFP

Cosmix 2010 is the latest project in an ongoing partnership between the Ringling College of Art and the South Florida Museum/Bishop Planetarium. This year the project will be designed to unfold over the course of two days, organized as a symposium with panels and presentations of domework. The purpose of the symposium is to advance information and techniques that allow for individual artists and community groups to make content for the state-of-the-art immersive display possibilities of full-dome projection. We will be featuring domework projects for this symposium that are focused on storytelling and the techniques of storytelling. The symposium will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 9-10, 2010.

The Cosmix 2010 Symposium will present domework, panels and presentations on the following topics:

Domework as Fine Art: There will be a showcase of work by Ringling students and faculty as well as by independent artists who are exploring planetaria as a venue for the installation and presentation of fine art. There will be a panel that discusses the issues of using full-dome theater as a venue for fine art. Fine art in the planetarium will echo installations of fine art in the museum itself.

Imagineering the Dome: The topic will be explored by a panel, presentations and domeworks that focus on the interactive potential of the dome.

Full-dome photography: Sessions devoted to techniques and work in full-dome photography.

Full Dome Community Projects: Session devoted to the production of work for full-dome by school classes and other community groups as telling local stories and celebrating local culture.

Synchronized Projection Theater: A features session of the symposium will explain and explore the technique of creating work using simultaneous projection of mpeg files on the full-dome theater. Selected work developed in this technique can be reconfigured as dome masters to be shared with other venues. We will offer community workshop on this technique to expand the potential use of the dome by groups and independent artists within the community.

Technical Sessions: We hope to offer several technical sessions as part of the symposium including sessions the use of After Effects for Full Dome production as well as easy entry techniques such as simultaneous projection of mpegs. We are actively seeking corporate partners and sponsors for technical sessions and other symposium events.

Storydome Theater: There will be a showing of a selection of domework from the various sessions of the symposium together with invited performances from contributing artist during a gala evening of dometheater and art exhibition including an exhibition of children’s book illustration on the evening of April 10.

Individuals, schools or groups interested in attending or presenting at this year’s Cosmix Symposium are invited to contact the organizers: Claudia Cumbie-Jones (claudia.cumbie-jones@earthlink.net) Lance Ford Jones (lance.ford.jones@earthlink.net), or Dr. David Steiling (dsteilin@ringling.edu) for more information.

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