COSMIX 2010 – The ART of Storytelling Meeting

Meeting 11:15 a.m. faculty Professional Day Sept. 29
Academic Center, Room 208

Marc Ormond and David Steiling

The South Florida Museum in Bradenton once again has agreed to host the work of Ringling College faculty and students in an exhibition with the current working title of The Art of Storytelling. It is scheduled to open at the museum Tuesday, March 16 and run through Sunday, April 18. Last spring during Three Days in May we had an initial meeting of those who were interested in participating and a number of faculty committed to begin thinking about working on various aspects of the exhibition with their classes and also to be involved with the planetarium component. We would like to reassemble that group and ask others who are interested to join. We shall discuss a visit to the museum with faculty to meet with Suzanne White the Curator and also discuss other ideas and plans.

Storydome Symposium: Friday and Saturday April 9-10 on the Ringling Campus and at the South Florida Museum/Bishop Planetarium

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