Report from Claudia and Lance on the Domefest

Ed Lantz Fulldome 101 see t http://www.blooloop.com/Article/FullDome-101-Part-I-by-Ed-Lantz/74


Interesting artists and links:

Hue Walker from UNM ARTSLab - great for storytelling

Jonathan Wolfe - math guy who does "First Friday Fractals" here at UNM - 121 consectutive sold out shows

Larry Cuba - pioneering electronic artist who has re-purposed "Two Space" from 1979 for the dome

J. Walt - realtime animation performance artist, can work with Bishop's SkyScan system

Domefest Retrospective.

John C. Young from Fleet Science Center of San Diego has provided a huge list of free software for fulldome which is downloadable online. Will be posting links.

Our talk was extremely well-received, and we have numerous other contacts for outreach:

We were approached by Volkmar Schorcht from Zeiss. There is a fulldome festival in Jena in 2010:

http://www.zeiss.de/planetariums click on FulldomeFestival

more to come--be home soon,

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